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Weary Times Call for Exciting Measures

Written by: Conor Winter

How would you define your weariness? What aspect of your life do you find yourself constantly exhausted from fighting for something? Why on earth, does our heavenly Father allow us to feel this type of suffering? How do you respond to your weariness? I tend to ask questions more than I should, just ask my fiancée.

I am always seeking a clearer understanding about what is all around me. Why we do what we do, how some people struggle with relationships. How depression can be a burden and why we choose to just medicate the issue rather than understand the true power that is living in us. I write on the topic of depression, because it was my weary fight since I was 10 years old. And it led me down a path that gave me scars. I remember nights where I called out to God asking why. Why do I have to deal with this? Why can’t I stop my heart from bleeding?

But amid my weariness, the Lord was working. He put many in my life that suffered through it as I have, and He has used my story to show others that they are far from alone. In the midst of pain, He can give it purpose. I believe that with every fiber of my being. And when I was at my peak of depression, when I thought that I would carry this burden all my days, He put someone in my life that taught me how to live without it. All that my mentor had to do is show me not just what, but Who lives in me, what power lies inside my heart.

The domain of the Kingdom and the authority of the King washes all sufferings. This is a call to you if you find yourself weeping and weary, full of suffering. Remember, there is a purpose to your pain, not to harm you, but to further you. And a reminder to see that power living in you. It is not just a saying we Christians throw out to feel comforted. It is an all-powerful, I’m gonna sucker punch this demon, how dare you try and scare me, devil watch out for my King, you remind me of my past I’ll remind you of your future Power. Remember this.

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