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Walk in Peace

Written by: Natalie Klima

What am I doing? I’m sure it’s a question all of us have asked. What if we don’t have plans for the future, what if we do and things don’t go the way we thought?

What I love about the story of Daniel is that he was confident, not in himself, but in God. He knew what God was calling him to and the actions he needed to make to act in his calling. God gave him favor with his superiors because of his obedience.

I know of so many moments in life where myself or others have been paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong decision. We sit like a rock not loving or doing anything because we are scared we’ll make the wrong decision and “step out of God’s plan.” But we needn’t be scared to make the wrong move in our lives when we are living lives of obedience to God.

When we choose Christ and His way, there’s a peace we have, a peace we can walk in. Choosing Him in small decisions and choices leads to obedience in large decisions. We can have peace in Him and know he’s not just waiting for us to mess up and see if we’ll make “the right decision.”

So have peace in your maker. Have peace in knowing your obedience is what He wants. Not you making the right decision—choosing the right major, job, spouse, etc. He wants our obedience which is what we do out of our love for Him.

Friends, keep seeking Him. Know that our love of the Father, which is acted out in obedience, is the antidote to our fear of decisions.

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