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Written by: Conor Winter

There are many struggles in this life. How do I stay on the narrow path? How can I keep from detouring away from God’s will? I never want to disappoint you Father, but I keep falling.

If you’re human and if you are a follower of God, then you will understand these questions. You may have even asked them yourself. Unfortunately, we as humans are tempted daily by lusts of the flesh. Our enemy knows that if you are born again, he can’t have you, but he will try and drag you around and make life on this earth a constant fight.

One of the lies that we are told is that it’s your life. You get to decide what you wish to do, and if you must choose, then choose what feels good. Follow your heart. Your heart can’t lie to you.

We must understand that as believers we live for Christ. Through using our freewill, we choose to love Him and our fellow human. That is not only what we have been called to but that leads into more individual callings.

Regarding the lie of following the heart, it has destroyed many who follow it. You put your heart above what God has for you, and if it is to be understood, you can’t trust your heart. It will be tempted away, seeking other things to satisfy it. Let your spirit person be what you’re sensitive to. Renew your outward person daily.

In the end, it comes to the choice of who will guide your life? And I love how Garrett was mentioning it: “We can look like a real good Christian, but if we are not renewed from the inside out there will be things that come out of us that is bad fruit.” But who will you choose to lead your heart and lead your spirit so that you can rest without the need for taking the reins and controlling your own destiny?

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